Entry conditions
The Dutch legislation requires that all online and physical casinos identify and register players. Players will have to identify themselves and gambling companies will be 
required to check this. Operators are also obliged to register how often you visit a casino in the Netherlands, both online and in person.

According to the law, the following must be checked: 

  •  Identity and age; 
  •  The so-called CRUKS register. This is how we check if you are registered. If you are registered, you will be denied access; 
  •  Any other current entry bans;   

As part of these checks, you must identify yourself with a valid form of identification (ID, passport or driver's license) at each visit.

What is the CRUKS check?
We and all other gambling operators (also online casinos) must also check if you are registered in the CRUKS register. CRUKS stands for Centraal Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen (Central register exclusion gambling). To check this, we need to scan your ID and do a so-called CRUKS check. This is done by using your BSN (Citizen Service Number). This is however encrypted and only used once during the first visit, to check the CRUKS register. Afterwards, the BSN is immediately deleted. Your data is therefore secure and will not be shared with others (not even with the tax office or other government agencies). If we receive notification that you are on the CRUKS register, access to the casino will be denied. If you are not registered with CRUKS, have no other access restrictions (voluntary or involuntary) and are over 18 or 21 years old (depending on the municipality), you are welcome to come and gamble with us.

Visiting frequency and responsible gaming. 
As a gambling operator, we are also legally obliged to monitor gambling behavior and intervene if necessary. Therefore, we are, like any other gambling operator, required to record your visiting frequency and any actions taken. The purpose of this is to enable us to identify any risks at an early stage and ensure that your casino experience remains responsible and that gambling remains a game. Your data will be stored for at least 3 years after the last intervention. We are also legally obliged to provide anonymous data to the Gambling Authority for reporting and analysis purposes if requested.

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